When two Conservative Members of the European Parliament, Richard Ashworth and Julie Girling, broke ranks with their counterparts and voted for Guy Verhofstadt's motion that insufficient progress had not been made during the Brexit discussions so far, it is clear that they did not consider the views of the people they represent, the Government and many Tory grassroots members. When they made that joint decision to block trading talks, there was only one thing they were both concerned about; their careers.

The EU has been attacked in the past and present for being nothing more than a "gravy train." Those accusations are not far from the truth.

Prior to 2009, MEPs were not allowed to earn more than their national counterparts. Brussels voted to amend those rules that year. The average monthly salary of an MEP is 7,957 euros (£6,537). With the pound being so weak at the moment, they earn even more than their Westminster colleagues.

They also receive a flat-rate monthly allowance of 4,299 euros to cover expenses such as office rent, phone bills and computer equipment. They can also claim for travel related to their official duties in both Strasbourg and Brussels. They are reimbursed with what they originally paid for their travel tickets. Under the original system, they could claim for flexible economy class flight.

In addition, they receive a travel allowance of 4,243 euros maximum.

They can claim up to 24 return journeys in their home countries. MEPs can receive a subsistence allowance worth 304 euros for attendance at parliamentary sessions to cover hotel bills and meals. They are entitled to reimbursement of two-thirds on their medical bills.

EU Commissioners are on a salary of £71,500

In 2011, The Daily Telegraph disclosed that EU Commissioners are on a salary of £71,500.

In 2014, the same newspaper discovered that many European officials earn more than our prime ministers, raking in £142,000 a year.

It is understandable why the likes of Mr. Ashworth and Ms Girling voted against moving forward with trade. As mentioned before, the purpose behind discussing Ireland, EU citizens and the divorce bill before trade is to cause Brexit to fail.

The former cannot be determined without the latter being agreed upon first. These two Tory MEPs have provided Guy Verhofstadt with the authority to prohibit our EU exit.

These MEPs are a disgrace

Both Mr. Ashworth and Ms Girling are more than staunch Remoaners. They are career politicians. They are using the EU as a cash cow to fill their own pockets and progress to the higher ranks, which are better paid. They do not have Britain's best interests at heart, only their own. They do not want to sacrifice their generous salaries in the national interest. Brexit will shatter their careers.

It is little wonder many believe the Conservative Party is not serious about Brexit. These MEPs are a disgrace to the party's policy on this process.