The argument used by so many from the Liberal establishment is that if the state responds harshly to violent or unspeakable acts committed against it, then it always, immediately makes the state as bad as the original perpetrators. This argument is rarely challenged and people seem to think it is one of life's unshakeable truths. Well, it's not.

Churchill showed his worth

The acts of the allied forces during World War 2 were brutal by any standards. In response to the Blitz, allied bombs turned Dresden into a fireball wiping out thousands of innocents.

Atrocities on the battlefields were commonplace. We would only have been as bad as the Nazis, however, if after we had won, we then went on to wipe out the German race. Instead, we returned to measured, lawful responses including the Nuremberg Trials.

When you are battling evil what is important is that you win. Up until about 1942, it seemed very probable that we would lose that war. During those darkest hours, Churchill showed his worth by forcing out any thoughts of surrender or compromise and demanding brutality was met with the same until the Axis was defeated.

Terrorism today

The terrorism faced by the free world today from Muslim extremists is that same unfiltered evil, based on lunatic beliefs that had to be faced and overcome when perpetrated by the Nazis.

It cannot be reasoned with, it must be defeated and we cannot hamstring ourselves by keeping to the normal rules of conflict.

It is hateful that many ordinary people who practice a wholly different form of Islam are damaged by association to the perpetrators of wickedness but there is a simple solution that requires effort and common sense on both sides.

We put faith in law and evidence. People should not damage, or be offensive to any Muslim who has nothing proven against them and those people should be offered the same protection and respect everyone else enjoys.

On the Muslim side, they must accept that where evidence is present, harsh and uncompromising action will be taken against the perpetrators.

They must stand foursquare behind those punishments and talk no nonsense about justifiable actions or Sharia law.

Anyone who has gone to Syria or Iraq to fight for Isis should never be allowed back into this country, however young or naive they are. Anyone found to have murdered or attempted to murder in the name of the Islamic religion should never be freed, nor should anyone proved to be aiding them in their hateful endeavours. Serious consideration should be given to making those people forfeit their lives.

Hate preachers should be immediately deported. It is self-harming for our country to have three thousand people on a terrorist watch list. There must be enough evidence on most of these to prove to a reasonable degree that they mean us harm.

Evidence of hate speech, incitement to violence and a desire for Islam to take over our society is available all over the internet. It must be acted upon. Legal technicalities breaches to rights to privacy, Human Rights lawyers, left-wing ideologues working through the inept European courts; none of these should be allowed to leave the vulnerable innocents targets to insane Islamic hatred.

I have read recently the view that accepting tens of thousands of people, mainly from a Muslim background, into western countries each year with no way of knowing how many of these people intend to do you damage is akin to national suicide. Lighting candles and repeating the new Lord's Prayer that claims terrorism won't change our way of life; is no effective way to deal with those threats.

A more realistic view is perhaps that you have to stop these fanatics entering your country and kill them quickly if they do. That view is certainly more in keeping with the edicts of World War 2 when it enabled the greatest victory against evil ever. Tolerance and fighting these lunatics fairly is failing on an epic scale despite tireless efforts from the intelligence services. It is blighting the lives of thousands of innocent Muslims, as well as Hindu's and Sikhs that the more stupid elements of society mistake for Muslims. It is, in fact, blighting all our lives.

They have taken away their own Human Rights

It is time to be angry about Islamic terrorism, stop making excuses for people who perpetrate or support it, stop lighting candles or switching lights on and off.

Realise that like Nazism it has to be defeated through everyone refusing to tolerate it and allowing all our forces to deal with it harshly (without fear of future retribution in the form of shabby law firms using legal aid ten years from now). People who carry out, or align themselves with others, who slaughter seven-year-old children on Las Ramblas, women shopping in Finland, or people at a concert in Manchester or the Bataclan have torn up any human rights they ever had

Stop them now and stop them properly.