Sun journalist Tom Newton-Dunn announced on Twitter that he recently met a Conservative MP who he considers to be future leadership material. He failed to disclose who that politician was, but he certainly left some clues for those who know them well. There are many talented figures on both sides of the Tories: the wets and the dries. With such dire opposition on the other side of the House of Commons, the country is screaming for "strong and stable" leadership, and the electorate clearly weren't fooled by either Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn this year.

During the 2000s, faith in Politics declined. There were numerous reasons for this: voters failed to see any difference between the two main parties, they felt none of the parties spoke for them, scandals like Neil Hamilton's "cash for questions" in 1997 and the MPs' expenses crisis in 2009 damaged people's trust further and they felt many decisions were being made in Brussels. Yet during last year's EU Referendum, it is clear the majority of voters still preferred Westminster, as opposed to the European Parliament, to make their laws for them, even if they were disillusioned with the former.

Brexit was a silent revolution

Brexit was not just a movement to "take back control"; it was a silent revolution.

It is also an opportunity, like the 2008 Recession was, to deliver sound Tory policies. That is why the party needs an authentic Conservative who will implement legislation that will produce prosperity.

Leaving the EU will allow Britain to trade with countries outside the trading bloc. A recent study showed that exports to non-EU countries recently declined.

This needs to change after March 2019 as we cannot rely on a shrinking trading arena for wealth. But the reason why the Conservatives need a proper Tory leading them is because the economy is screaming for free market reforms in so many areas.

This is crony capitalism

The 2008 Recession was not an excuse for politicians to distance themselves from the free market.

There is economic growth, yet not everyone is benefitting from that. Wages are stagnating and the Bank of England's negativity is causing uncertainty. Many people are struggling to own their own home. Banking and energy companies have grown to the extent that competition is being stifled. This is not true capitalism, this is crony capitalism.

Competition between companies will reduce prices in these sectors and not lead to governments bailing out banks that have become too big to fail. Scrapping regulations that restrict the housing market and business growth must be repealed after March 2019. These are the values a true Conservative leader should espouse.

Theresa May is right to stay, but the Tories should prepare for the future too.