In years to come when German Chancellor Angela Merkel finally retires, there may well be a consensus among historians that this woman fundamentally tried to unite Europe into one nation and that she destroyed the continent along the way. It is clear that Brexit is her worst nightmare as it represents the end of her dream of a "federal Europe". She is doing everything in her power to stop it from happening.

Her dream of European unity represents something more profound- Ms Merkel has been in power for too long. Since she was elected Chancellor in 2005, she has become an unstoppable force in German politics.

Many commentators referred to her as the "Iron Lady" of Germany. But even Mrs Thatcher's political lifespan was limited to eleven years. The current Chancellor seems almost invincible. With the opposition in a weak state, there is no doubt that her party, the Christian Democrats, will triumph in this year's elections. Following the events after the 2008 Recession, which proved how volatile the Euro currency was without substantial political unity proceeding monetary union, her answer to every EU problem has always been the same- further European integration.

Ms Merkel has learnt nothing from the Brexit vote

Ms Merkel has learnt nothing from the Brexit vote. Earlier this week, she reiterated that she has no regrets over allowing thousands of refugees and economic migrants into Germany unchecked.

Following the EU Referendum, she declared with former Italian and French leaders, Matteo Renzi and Francois Hollande respectively, that they want to proceed with their plans for further integration.

In recent years, Europe has been plagued with terrorist attacks caused by her refusal to reform the Schengen Agreement, which allows for the free movement of people throughout the continent.

But that does not matter to the German Chancellor because she believes EU nations cannot tackle terrorism until there is one integrated police force in the trading bloc.

There has only been one consistent theme throughout her chancellorship

With Greece and Italy on their knees, the only reason why Ms Merkel is willing to bail out these failing economies is to preserve the Euro currency, which was always the first step towards a federal Europe.

There has only been one consistent theme throughout her chancellorship, and that has been European unity.

When former chancellor Helmut Kohl died earlier this year, she addressed attendees whilst standing by an EU flag, speaking as if she is head of a unified Europe. There is no doubt this is not what Mr. Kohl would have wanted.

The beautiful thing about democracy is that it enables atrocious leaders to be held to account by the ballot, but until Ms Merkel's rivals organise themselves, this will not happen and her reign of destruction will continue.