George Osborne has played his part recently in undermining Theresa May's leadership, adding that she is a "dead woman walking." If that is the case, she has only delayed her eventual downfall by charming Conservative MPs at Chequers this week with homemade chocolates and prosecco, announcing she will be resigning in August 2019.

Downing Street has been quick to dismiss these speculations, saying all this news is a result of "silly season." She may be a dead woman walking as the former chancellor said, and her political lifespan is limited. Mrs May is on a metaphorical life support machine called Brexit.

If it was not for Britain's departure from the European Union, then she would have no purpose in occupying No.10. The Conservative Party is ruthless in removing leaders who become an electoral liability: Sir Robert Peel and Margaret Thatcher being the most notable examples. Many of their former leaders have quickly resigned before the backbenchers oust them themselves: Edward Heath, Sir John Major, William Hague, and others.

These are not normal circumstances

Except these are not normal circumstances for the Tories. The purpose behind the Prime Minister's snap election was to strengthen her hand as she embarks on her negotiations with Brussels, adding "strong and stable leadership" was necessary to guide the UK through this difficult time.

But with no majority, the EU would be delighted if the Conservative Government fell apart. It would allow them to dilute Brexit and provide this country with a shoddy deal.

That is why Mrs May is right to stay on until August 2019, five months after Britain leaves the EU. It is important to present a strong and united front to Brussels who are doing everything in their power to tear apart Brexit.

They have purposefully created a timetable that will enable this process to fail. If the Tories keep ousting their leaders during the next two years, it will allow Brussels to tear apart the British negotiating team.

Her administration is in office, but not in power

Equally, it would be very difficult for the Tory leader to lead her party into another election considering she has evolved into an electoral disaster.

Her administration is in office, but not in power. It would be hard for her to transform people's perceptions of her now. Her lack of charisma and dithering would fail to inspire the electorate the second time round.

However, by staying on until August 2019, she will temporarily unite her party as it embarks on the Brexit negotiations and hopefully withdraw the UK from the EU in its entirety. It's not what Brussels wants, but that's the whole point. We cannot allow the Eurocrats to keep betraying this country anymore.