Labour it seems has been doing some thinking about its relationship with the European Union post-2019. If Labour wins the next general election or somehow manages to form the government before 2019, Sir Keir Starmer has been outlining these policy changes.

Though leaving the political union Starmer has stated that a Labour government would want to stay in the single market and the Customs Union. He also said any future Labour government would renegotiate a new customs union and a single market.

Jeremy Corbyn however as leader seems to be a little more cautious than his Shadow Brexit Secretary not endorsing 100% what Starmer said.

Corbyn said these musings from Starmer were exactly that musings and nothing more. Labour he said had made no such commitments as yet however many in Labour do support a continuation of the single market and customs union when the UK leaves the EU.

Together with a rump of Tories who also support this any Conservative move for the UK to leave the customs union and single market would prove difficult when putting to the vote.

Chuka Umunna's take on policy shift

Chuka Umunna has stated that Labour's talk of a change of policy when it comes to the customs union and single market is indeed a change in direction. Umunna described as a British Obama is seen as a possible Labour leader and a man who would continue Blairism.

Umunna has been a cabinet minister when Labour was in power and for him to say something like this he must sense something going on in the rank and file of the PLP (Parliamentary Labour Party). The right wing of the Labour party though in retreat has not gone away and will be ready to make a comeback should Corbyn fail for whatever reason.

Umunna would no doubt be one of the right's candidates, but then again perhaps Starmer would be a nominee too.

Rumours of Theresa May stepping down

According to an article in the Daily Mail, there are rumours afoot that once Theresa May has seen us through leaving the EU she will quit. The date will be August 30 but Downing Street has been pouring cold water on these rumours saying they are just "peak silly season" speculation.

May has been launching a charm offensive to get the public on side again and stave off any leadership challenge. It has been said however that it is unlikely that Theresa May will lead the Tories into another general election.

One Tory MP did indeed confirm this saying Theresa May will step down in September 2019.