Last night, five terrorists wearing fake suicide vests drove a van into a crowd of people in Barcelona, killing 13 of them and injuring over 100. Amid the chaos, a seven-year-old Australian boy named Julian Cadman got separated from his mother following the attack and is now missing. His mother was critically injured in the attack and is now being treated in hospital.

Julian’s grandfather Tony Cadman, from Sydney, posted on his Facebook page that he is worried about his grandson, who is missing following the attack. Tony also confirmed that Julian’s mother Jom is being treated in hospital and is in serious but stable condition.

Andrew Cadman, Julian’s father, had spoken to him just a few hours before the terror attack. He is now travelling to Barcelona to search for his son.

The family have shared a photo to help the search

In a bid to aid the search for Julian, the boy’s family have shared a picture of him online. Australia’s minister in charge of foreign affairs, Julie Bishop, has confirmed that one Australian is missing after the attack in Barcelona, while four others were injured in it. Bishop told the Melbourne press that she and her people are “concerned” and are “working closely with authorities to determine the whereabouts of the one Australian unaccounted for.”