The general populations of two of the leading countries in the world, the United States of America and the United Kingdom have become so cowed and fearful of the opinion of zealots that we allow the consideration of the destruction and removal of statues to some of the greatest people who have ever lived. In the UK Nelson and Churchill are earmarked to go, while in America nutcases are advocating destroying Mount Rushmore.

And so it's come to this

These zealots demand we look at the situation through the prism of the present instead of the prism of the past.

They ignore the facts that we were not there at the time and could not know the full situation, that these people were expressing views that were at the time commonplace. More importantly that people such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were instrumental in developing the American Constitution that eventually provided the platform that enabled the enshrining of free speech and individual liberty into law in America and then by example across much of the free world, or that Nelson and Wellington defended the constitution of the Parliament that was to become the first to abolish slavery.

What do these fools in their fantasy worlds believe happen anyway? Do they seriously think that any father takes his son into the middle of London and gazes up at Nelson's Column and says "There you are son, Admiral Lord Nelson.

That man spoke out in favour of slavery, why, he may have even owned slaves for all we know. You emulate that small part of his life. Keep black people down, grind all you can out of them and you won't go far wrong?" Of course not. People remember a man who bravely did his duty, indeed, died in doing his duty, to make sure the people of Britain remained free.

How many of the zealots on the left would do the same? How many of them have done anything at all?

The left love protest

They love finding fault in people, but generally, they do nothing productive. This was not always the case, the National Health Service was the product of a Labour government. The Co-operative society was an effort to get the disadvantaged to work for the common good.

But the values are flawed and today the Health Service is drowning under the weight of uncontrolled mass immigration and the Co-op is a floundering business brought low by corruption. So what does the left actually do now?

In the time before Tim Farron learned how illiberal the Liberal Democrats are he was asked how many refugees should be allowed into the UK. The suggestion was about 10,000 Tim was outraged, he felt this was way too low. But I never noticed 10,000 social houses provided by the private money of Liberal grandees, or even 10. It was recently estimated that at least six union leaders were paid more than the Prime Minister. Do we see theses beacons of philanthropy starting up an East coast train franchise that uses their own surplus cash to prove how easy it is to start a business, pay staff far above the living wage, run a project well and provide funds for the treasury.

Not a bit of it, they tell us how to spend other people's money instead.

So you see it's easy to criticise. That is why so called academics enjoy contributing to the country by poring over the past and getting paid tremendous sums to do so. It would be more becoming of them, however, to desist from identifying reports of weaknesses in the greatest people who made the greatest sacrifices in order to forward their own reputations among the left wing academia and Guardian readers.

It is most telling how the actions of destroying and vandalising, usually by illegal means, relics from the past that mean so much to so many people; so identically mimic the actions of ISIS. Those nihilists take control of ancient cities and proceeded to destroy history by vandalising monuments, it is a common action of this barbaric group.

Throw away this pathetic guilt

So many from the left seem to share their hatred of the United Kingdom and the USA too, while still ensuring they bathe in the benefits provided. They cling to wrongs of the past, such as slavery from a century ago. How far back do we go with guilt and shame? Should people from middle England despise Italy because the Romans looted Mercia 1,600 years ago. It is pathetic and it holds countries back. Remember that only just over 50 years ago Japan, Germany, the UK and France all had the majority of the flower of their youth ripped away and their countries bankrupted by the Second World War. Because of their efforts and refusal to seek excuses those countries now have the 3rd 4th 5th and 6th largest economies in the world and are all free democracies that people want to live in.

It would be shameful for the USA to disrespect George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. Shameful for the UK to disrespect Robert Clive, Horatio Nelson and Winston Churchill. If we don't put a stop to this inane idiocy our country will soon end up in the same impoverished, lawless, desperate straights that so many of the Hell holes revered by the zealots now enjoy.