In Charlottesville, Virginia recently, there’s been a violent outbreak of protests over a Confederate statue, and one woman was killed and many others were injured by a less-than-intelligent neo-Nazi and his car. But according to US President Donald Trump, they are not the true victims of the events there – he is. Despite the fact a woman died and it was about Confederate racism, the egocentric US President, as usual, feels it was about him.

Trump blames the press for division in America

Trump has appeared at a rally in Phoenix, Arizona to give a speech that denounces the press as the reason that America is so divided.

In an intense and heated diatribe against the media, the President said that journalists “do not like our country,” so they’re turning the people against each other, and that’s why there’s so much division in America.

So it’s not at all that half of them are racist (including the President himself) and half of them aren’t. And half of them are dumb enough to listen to the sh*t that comes out of Trump’s mouth and half of them aren’t. The Phoenix rally reminded many with the sense to see through the bullsh*t of Trump’s election campaign, which was anti-elitist despite being an elitist himself. That’s the sick genius of Donald Trump.

Basically, at the Phoenix rally, Trump was saying that it was the press coverage of the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville that got people angry about it – not the mere fact that white supremacist violence was taking place, no.

The President re-read three of his Charlottesville-related statements in a totalitarian bid to enforce his unfiltered views into the minds of his brainwashed followers.

Trump’s Phoenix rally echoes Hitler

One of the first things Adolf Hitler did in his journey towards having absolute power over Germany was eliminating the freedom of the press.

In fact, some of the things Trump and his followers said at the rally evoke images of the Nazi ruler. Trump said that now is the “time to expose the crooked media deceptions and to challenge the media,” as he blamed them for “fomenting divisions” in their country, and “trying to take away our history and our heritage.”

So, as if it wasn’t clear enough already, Trump is firmly on the side of the white supremacists who want to keep the Confederate statue of the slave-lover up.

The crowd of Trump supporters – cackling like a rabble of hateful Nazis – turned to the reporters and chanted, “CNN sucks! CNN sucks!” This is how the Nazi Party began its reign.

Police used smoke bombs and tear gas on protestors

As Trump spoke at the Phoenix rally, there were protestors outside the Phoenix Convention Centre where it was taking place. The protestors were angry simply that Trump was there – they had no idea the kind of hate speech that was going on inside. But still, the police found the need to use smoke bombs and tear gas after a couple of protestors apparently threw plastic bottles. Plastic bottles. Plastic bottles, so tear gas. Right. Surprise, surprise – the American police used excessive force against left-wing protestors.

History repeats itself and nothing has been done.

The rally in Phoenix was weird, because just one day earlier, Trump had given a very calm and serious speech about the US military expansion in Afghanistan and his strategy for the future over there (which may not have been great and it was vague, but at least he was calm and diplomatic about it), and now he’s in Arizona getting all hot-headed and irrational. This continues a running tradition in his Presidency of being a two-sided coin. Pick one, Donald, and preferably the first.