Property prices in the Shetland islands are due to rise significantly whilst properties are set to be levelled everywhere else. This comes after Donald Trump announces that he enjoys watching game of thrones with a declaration that ‘fire and fury’ would befall onto North Korea should they themselves launch an attack on the US or their allies, this comes after Kim Jong-Un has stated that they could attack the US territory, Guam, home to multiple military bases.

After speaking to the governor of Guam, Donald Trump was in a positive mood stating that nuclear warfare would be good for tourism.

He also failed to grasp the basic concept of percentages when he said that the US was with them ‘1000 percent’.

A buoyant Trump

Clearly in a Buoyant mood, Donald Trump, just three days later, said that he ‘wouldn’t rule out’ military action against Venezuela. He has also tweeted to condemn violence at a far-right protest to remove the statute of Confederate general Robert E Lee from a Charlottesville park. The state authorities have declared a state of emergency due to the outbreak of violence. The current war of the words between Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump are reminiscent of Austin Powers rather than Real Life.

If these threats are to be taken seriously we can be safe in knowledge that society will not have to put up with a Trump presidency for much longer.

However, doomsday preppers around the world are presently frothing from their mouths with excitement at the developments of late. But Donald Trump has a clear dislike for long-term violent strategies, he would rather get it over and done with in one fell swoop.