One of the favorite weapons of killing resorted to by Islamic Terror supporters is a knife. This happens when a fire arm is not available. Most terrorists who operate singly and do not have a fire arm resort to attacking bystanders and people on the street with knives. Such men are highly motivated, but an odd woman may also commit the crime. A careful analysis of the attacks shows that the killers mostly target women with knives. Even the latest terror attack at the El Palacio holiday resort on the Red Sea in Egypt resulted in the death of 2 German women.

In all six women were attacked. "He had a knife with him and stabbed each of them three times in the chest. They died on the beach," Saud Abdelaziz, the security manager at the hotel, told BBC.

Knife attacks

There have been cases of knife attacks in England and Israel, and the victims are mostly women. This is contrary to the teachings enshrined in the Holy books of Islam. The Quran explicitly states neither to kill a woman or a child nor an aged man. Knife attacks are quite common more so in countries like the UK and Israel which has stringent laws against owning a firearm. One of the latest attacks was the Red Sea resort in Egypt. Earlier an Israeli policewoman was stabbed to death in Jerusalem.

Knife attacks have a long unending story. Knife attacks can result in a significant number of fatalities as well as in 2014 Islamic terrorists attacked a rail station in China and killed 31.

Women victims

One reason for women being targeted is that they are soft targets and women are unlikely to offer much resistance when attacked with a knife.

The list of women killed by knife attacks is pretty large, but the killers execute the attacks in the belief that what they are doing is right. Nobody has been able to explain the psychology of these killings, but it is due to a deep commitment that they are avenging a perceived insult to their religion. Nobody has been able to specify the insult, and most of the facts are replaced by rhetoric.

These acts are nurtured as many states support them.

A knife is the simplest instrument of killing. But to wield and kill with a knife requires an iron nerve. It’s not like pulling the trigger of a gun. These knife attacks show a deep belief and commitment to extremist Islamic ideology. It signifies a fatalistic resolve as well. Such persons are ready to die for the cause. Most knife welders have been shot dead, but it has not stopped knife attacks.

Study required

There is a need to explore the knife attacker’s psychology to get to the real reason behind the stabbings. It shows a warped mind that allows a killer to kill a defenseless woman who cannot retaliate and unable to defend herself. This is not mentioned in the holy books but who will explain to the killers.