You have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the ‘Hot Felon’, aka 32-year-old Jeremy Meeks. But those of you who haven’t here’s a recap of who this notorious man is.

Meeks was arrested June 2014 in California and was charged with weapon offences and two counts to do with gang membership. 2015 he was imprisoned for a 27-month term. His mug shot was posted on Facebook by the Stockton Police Department and it went viral. He was landed with the name ‘Hot Felon’.

I hear the phone ring

In the middle of all of this are his wife 38-year-old Melissa and three children.

She’s stuck by him through thick and thin and was looking forward to settling back into family life with her man in small town America when he was released last year. But hey, the phone rang and it was a PR/promotor/tabloid….whatever, someone who was good at persuading innocents and felon babe was on his way to a fashion event where he would be fawned over by the beautiful people. Who knows where he will end up.

Well, we know where he ended up, smooching with Topshop heiress Chloe Green on a yacht in Turkey. Strangely, she and felon whatshisname canoodled out in public, and by some amazing coincidence, there was a photographer taking their holiday snaps. And where did those snaps end up? You guessed right, in the tabloids.

Call me cynical but how did that happen?

We hold our breath

Next thing there’s the felon guy back home with his tail between his legs talking to his wife. The photos told us a sad story and we all held our breath. I mean, what would you do if you were that woman? Good answer, you’d kick him out. And she did. Surprisingly, the media days later got hold of a copy of the legal separation document - how did that happen?

So now, you may be wondering, where will he end up next? The last couple of days there’s been photos of him and Chloe at some nightclub in London all over each other. Meanwhile, you can bet your boots the offers of public appearances - fashion shows etc while be rolling in. This Smoking Felon is so HOT!

It’s a setup, right?

What I’ve been wondering through all of this is this a setup?

It occurred to me that if he and his wife had decided they’d split then this was the perfect way to do it, they both get huge publicity and appearance offers and new careers are launched.

Coming to your screen soon, a reality TV programme where the Rich Felon’s ex is seen getting her life back together. We will cry with her when she weeps over photos of Chloe and Whatshisface Felon, and laugh when she hugs her kids and tells them it’ll all be alright.

Of course, it will be, everyone has something to gain out of this story, except us the reader. We face depression as our interest in the Innocent Blue-eyed Felon wanes (along with Chloe’s) and search for the next chump to hang our hopes on. It can’t be long now.