There is trouble in Israel as Jerusalem is the centre of another terror attack. An Israeli woman police officer was stabbed to death in the city. The attack appears to have been a coordinated effort by Palestine Arabs at two different locations in the city for maximum effect. Both the incidents took place almost simultaneously.

In the first incident, a Palestine attacker attacked a group of Israeli police with a knife but was gunned down. In the second incident, a Palestine Arab attacked a woman Police Officer with a knife while his accomplice trained a homemade machine gun called a "Carlos" at the officer.

The gun jammed and the Arab with the knife stabbed the woman officer. She has been identified as 23-year-old Hadas Malka who was a Staff Seargent in the border police. The girl died instantaneously and the attackers were shot dead by the police.This sad news was reported by Al Jazeera news channel.

Animosity between Arabs and Jews

The attack brings out the deep animosity between Arabs and Jews. To complicate matters the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the stabbing. They were contradicted by Hamas the militant wing of the Palestine Arabs who claimed the three men were members of their organisation. Irrespective of who claims the attacks the result is the same and Israel has to be vigilant.

The attackers

The attack on the woman police officer was vicious. The attackers do not distinguish between women and men. The police have claimed that four other people were wounded but they did not suffer life-threatening injuries. The three attackers killed were all in the 18-19 age group and have been identified. This is cause for concern and shows the younger group of Palestine Arabs are getting increasingly radicalised.

They had entered Jerusalem from the West Bank.

Attacks by Arabs

The Israelis are facing the brunt of savage attacks by Arabs and since September 2015, nearly 42 people have been killed in terrorist violence. In retaliation, the Israelis have killed over 250 Palestine Arabs. Both the communities are in a state of daggers drawn and peace is not on the horizon.

The biggest bone of contention is Jerusalem which is declared to be the capital of Israel. The Palestine Arabs also claim it. Prospects of peace in the region are dim as Israel will never relinquish its claim to Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank. The Palestine Arabs cannot reconcile to this and are demanding an independent state. A visit by the U.S. president to Israel has not yielded any results.

Last word

The Arabs and the Israeli state have fought four wars since 1948 and in all of them, they have been defeated.