In March 2015 Italy’s highest court declared that Raffaele Sollecito was completely innocent of all charges brought against him in the case of slain British student Meredith Kercher. The court’s decision to exonerate Raffaele stemmed from the fact of not just a lack of evidence, but that nothing had ever existed to implicate Raffaele in the horrible crime. Nevertheless, it has come to light that in Italy clearly being declared completely innocent as a result of non-existent evidence, doesn’t necessarily mean persecution will be viewed as a deplorable injustice.

Not wanting to acknowledge their wrong doing on 28 June 2017 Italy’s highest court shamelessly once again denied Raffaele Sollecito’s claim for compensation for the years he was unjustly held in an Italian prison.

Since the Italian prosecutors allowed Raffaele to remain in jail when they knew was innocent, dragged him and his family to court for unjustified baseless accusations, thereby resulting in enormous legal fees. The court needs to pay up simple as that. Raffaele’s request is not unusual as a matter of fact it is quite normal for the party that was in the wrong to pay financial compensation to the side that was victimised.

Clearly, high corruption has completely enveloped the Italian judicial system

Once again, this ridiculous decision demonstrated the incompetent three ring circus which seems to pass for an Italian courtroom these days. The prosecutions absurd excuses for Raffaele bringing this injustice upon himself was once again utilised. Seriously don’t Italy’s corrupt prosecutors realise that after a while this does get old.

How on earth do they continue to get away with the undeniable fact that they stole so many precious years from Raffaele which he is never going to get back? All because of their narcissistic need to send Raffaele Sollecito to jail for a crime that deep down from the start they knew he did not commit.

The reasons for the court’s denial are completely absurd and baseless.

Such as their ridiculous claim that Raffaele wanted to go to jail? From a legal and layman point of view, the absurdity of that statement is plain as day. I suppose they have also chosen to turn a blind eye to that fact that Raffaele was denied legal representation during the beginning of their investigation. When it came time to record any of the interrogations that was tossed out the window as well. Since none of Raffaele’s interrogations were recorded.

The amnesia of Italian prosecutors

These thugs that encompass the Italian Judicial System wanted to hide the threats and scare tactics they continued to bombard Raffaele with. This is another point they’ve decided to forget. Now that it’s time to pay up for what they did to Raffaele suddenly Italian prosecutors and Law Enforcement officials have amnesia when it comes to anything associating them to his persecution.

I guess victim blaming is the norm in Italy?

Once again Italy’s spineless law enforcement and prosecutors have underestimated Raffaele’s resilience to receive the compensation he undoubtedly deserves. Upon this decision being handed down. Raffaele’s lawyer, Giulia Bongiorno promptly stated they would appeal this decision to the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights).