Since his trip to Europe, has President Trump quietened down a little? Of course not, it was simply that he was in for a few minor adjustments to his overworked psyche, a de-coke, and a battery change. Thankfully these few simple repairs meant that this week he was back to his old tricks again.

No way to treat a lady?

Only a couple of days ago in the middle of an important phone call to the new leader of the Irish Parliament, he stopped the conversation to openly flirt with a young Irish reporter. Of course, she was female and a good bit younger than his own wife, but it once again showed his utter lack of decorum and any form of professional ethic.This little tete a tete went on much to the embarrassment of the young reporter, a recent recipient of a prestigious award for her sharp journalism, who responded afterward by saying that it was the most embarrassing moment of her professional life.

What the hell the new Taoiseach made of it all, was anyone's guess?

The constant Tweeting!

One could only be left wondering about the President's mental state when on Thursday morning he let rip a stream of vitriolic rants at two MSNCB morning hosts. Bizzarley he tweeted that one was bleeding profusely from a botched facelift, while personally refusing her request for an 'Audience,' at his Florida Estate over New Year. Whilst the other had called him a 'proven liar,' live on air,' on numerous occasions, and once again yesterday morning. His twitter rant was by any stretch of the imagination bizarre behavior, for if he continually rails aginst the media simply because they disagree with him, what will he do when he is cornered in a purely political situation?

He should be above this, it detracts from his job and certainly makes those reading these inane remarks think worse of him!

If this was Saturday Night Live it would be funny, but it really is not, because it is the reality. One can only wonder what the American people really think, after all, they voted him in but did they realize he was a tweet-addict.

Here is a man-child who acts like he has thrown all his toys out of the pram and no one will retrieve them for him A petulant adolescent, spiteful and full of venom for anyone who does not agree with his rather skewed vision of how his country is, and how he should run it.He apparently does not listen to anyone on anything, Oh, and for goodness sake and for the sake of - dare we say sanctity - your position; drop the tweets. He is the holder of the world's highest office and appears to think it is all a great big joke. One can only hope that in the end, HE does not have the last word?