An expert on the far right Matthew Feldman has highlighted the rise in Attacks on Muslims or their places of worship since the attacks in Manchester and London. The most well known and reported one being the attack on the mosque in London by Darren Osborne when he used a van as a weapon copying Jihadi attacks in Europe and the UK.

Speaking to Sky News Feldman said there had been a spike in attacks since the London and Manchester attacks in the UK. This news comes as shocking but not surprising and for him to say there has been a spike in the attacks shows right now attacks are indeed on the rise.

Even before Manchester and London ever since 9/11 and beyond Muslims have been singled out for verbal and physical attacks so perhaps this rise in attacks is nothing new. Whenever a Jihadi incident happens retaliation can be expected either by lone wolf attackers or by far-right groups not unlike how the Jihadi attacks operate.

Feldman said that however, the attacks happen on Muslims in the UK whether they be by social media or physical in nature or name calling things like this on other groups would not lawfully be tolerated.

Muslim women in particular targets

Feldman, people in the Muslim Community and again experts in this field say Muslim women wearing hijab, for example, are fair game for verbal or physical attacks.

The sight of Muslim women walking down our high streets is something we in the UK have become accustomed to as many wear the traditional head coverings.

Many Muslim women suffer having their head coverings pulled off or name calling and why this happens may have many reasons. It could be some people think that people like that when living in the UK should dress as the majority do and this encourages non-Muslims to abuse them or terrorist attacks inspire anger and revenge in some.

It is known that many Muslim women perhaps brush off these incidents as something they must put up with living in the UK.

Islamic State or Al-Qaeda want conflict

The fact that attacks on Muslims happen as described in this article happen probably doesn't bother Al-Qaeda or Islamic State in the slightest. If anything they would encourage retaliation on Muslim communities in the UK and around the world because by that they get more recruits and create more tensions in communities.

Indeed God forbid tension between Muslim and non-Muslim communities was to erupt into violence this is something Jihadi groups want because it furthers their agenda. Going back into history the Muslim community is not the only community to suffer abuse in whatever form for example during World War II the same happened to the German, Italian and Japanese community in Allied countries. Later on, the Irish community was fair game in the UK during the troubles in Northern Ireland particularly after the IRA Birmingham pub bombings in the 70s.

So really although abuse of any kind is wrong during times of war or conflict these sort of incidents unfortunately happen.