Afghanistan is in a tough spot. The Taliban has seen a resurgence, and the U.S- supported Ghani government is under pressure. The Taliban has once again exposed the helplessness of the Afghan government with a suicide car bombing in Helmand Province in Eastern Afghanistan -- bordering Pakistan. The bombing killed at least 29 people. The attack took place on Thursday and targeted Kabul Bank in the provincial capital of Lashkar Gah. As per reports, along with the 29 casualties, more than 60 people were wounded.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing.

The spokesperson for the terror outfit, QariYusaf Ahmadi said that only the Afghan National Army personnel were targeted. The men had lined up to collect their monthly pay from the bank, in view of the approaching Muslim festival of Id al-Fitr, reported Al Jazeera News Channel.

Resurgent Taliban

Afghan President Ghani condemned the attacks.He called the assailants enemies of Afghanistan who had no respect for any religion as well as the holy month of Ramadan. The Taliban is steadily gaining ground and the Afghan government is beginning to look more and more helpless.

President Donald Trump has decentralized decision making and now General Mattis is in charge. He and the president will have to think of a viable strategy to turn the tide against the Taliban.

As things stand the Helmand province has been the scene of ferocious gun battles between the insurgents and the Afghan army aided by U.S. and NATO troops. Despite this, the Taliban controls 80 percent of the countryside.

American strategy

The American strategy is being reworked by General Mattis. The U.S .will in all probability have to increase troop levels in Afghanistan.

Much of the present problem can be pinned on President Obama who greatly reduced U.S. forces in Afghanistan and took them out of a combat role. This emboldened the Taliban and aided by Pakistan, they have made a comeback.

The American hope that the Taliban will come to the negotiating table has not borne fruit. On the contrary, a video has surfaced of two teachers, including an American, who are in the custody of the Taliban.

They were kidnapped from Kabul where they were teaching.

Afghanistan calls for some tough decisions and DonaldTrump will have to take them. He will also have to formulate a different policy to deal with Pakistan which is accused by the Afghan government of supporting the Taliban.