No one can question Mr. Macron's loyalty to the European Union. If there is one position he is unlikely to change his mind on, then it is his consistent support for the European project, as demonstrated by his willingness to push for further European integration during his first European Council meeting today.

He has received nothing but positive praise since his stunning election victory last month, but let us not look beyond the fact that he has performed a spectacular own goal by u-turning on a major issue that consolidated his position as the centrist candidate during this year's presidential election.

'Mad to prohibit cooperation with the British.'

No doubt he has emerged buoyed and confident after his spectacular landslide victory in the recent parliamentary elections. Mr. Macron can probably afford to deliberately u-turn on his Brexit attitude so early into his presidency. It is easy for inexperienced politicians to promise so much during an election campaign, but once they are elected, the reality of office often bites. Like many European leaders, he has failed to escape the reality that Brexit is happening.

Mr. Macron has realised that regardless of whether Britain voted to remain in the EU last year or not, the British are still an indispensable ally to depend upon across the English Channel.

In an age where ISIS continue to plan deliberate and unprecedented attacks on innocent civilians, he would be mad to prohibit cooperation with the British on this.

If he can change his mind so early on already, who knows what other promises he might contradict himself on.