With Brexit Secretary David Davis leading the charge for the Government against the EU's chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, it is clear many politicians in Parliament are lining up against him to destroy his 'hard' Brexit agenda. Like the National Union of Miners in the 1980s, they are now acting to prohibit the Government and bring their entire strategy to a halt. But the difference between Tory and Labour rebels and the NUM is that the former are carrying out their actions from inside Parliament. They are trying to hijack the Government's policy on leaving the EU, and they need to stopped, or just ignored.

'A backdoor to EU membership'

Remaining within the EEA is a backdoor to EU membership. To many, a 'soft' Brexit seems like a perfect middle option for those who voted to leave and those who opted to remain in the EU referendum last year. While EEA membership would enable Britain to abandon the hated Common Agricultural and Common Fisheries Policies, provide the UK with the freedom to pursue trade deals and would allow the UK to remain a member of the Single Market.

Despite this, EEA membership would fail to provide sufficient guarantees that Britain could control immigration and it would mean having to adopt EU legislation. The EEA Council enables its members to choose which EU laws they want to adopt, but that still means Brussels decides how those rules are written.

These Labour and Tory politicians are only trying to scupper the will of the people and the Government must stick to its convictions.