It is a mystery why Mr. Macron wants to offer Britain a 'soft' Brexit. In fact, the bigger question is why he wants to provide the UK with the option of abandoning its EU exit altogether. Either way, he deserves credit for recognising the British as indispensable allies in the fight against ISIS.

Despite managing to change very little in regards to the original European Economic Community's desire to integrate European nations further, many European leaders, despite publicly announcing their sadness Britain is leaving the EU, are no doubt secretly relieved that the one nation which stands in the way of a federal Europe is quitting.

Yet Mr. Macron wants the UK to remain in the EU by the backdoor through membership of the European Economic Area. From his perspective, why would he want to do that?

'Mr. Macron humiliated himself.'

He has dropped his rhetoric during his election campaign on being tough with the British. This means even if this nation abandoned Brussels altogether via a 'hard' Brexit, he would still want a pragmatic relationship with the UK regardless. It is completely illogical and contradictory. It also reflects his naivety when it comes to politics. Yet the scary fact is that his party, En Marche, has recently won a landslide parliamentary victory even though none of the newly-elected politicians have any political experience either.

This will make them nothing more than 'yes men', succumbing to the will of a president who has no clue what he is doing. Even President Trump managed to humiliate him over a handshake. Correction: Mr. Macron humiliated himself.

With an EU policy that leads the trading bloc one significant step closer to a federal Europe and a parliament stuffed with novices, this is an anxious time for France. If the EU collapses before his first term, like many anticipate it will, he will be portrayed as a fool. And this is only the first month of his presidency. Watch this space.