Young, charismatic and France's equivalent to Tony Blair are some of the descriptions that have been applied to their new President, Emmanuel Macron. Yet the centrist politician did not originate from the most conventional of political backgrounds. So just who is Emmanuel Macron?

Mr. Macron was no ordinary child as he spent hours reading history with his maternal grandmother, Manette, and debated with teachers on the school playground about the latest issues instead of playing with other children on the playground.

Whilst attending Jesuit college in the early 1990s, he fell in love with his future wife, drama teacher Brigitte Trogneux.

But Mr. Macron's family advised her at the time to stay away from him until he turned 18.

Yet their relationship survived the scandal that it caused in the city of Amiens.

She later divorced her husband after Mr. Macron pledged to marry her when he returned from his new high school. In 2007, he kept true to his word and married the now First Lady of France.

Mr. Macron started his political career in the civil service and later went on to become an investment banker.

He later became an economy minister to his predecessor, Francois Hollande, in August 2014.

Mr. Macron resigned last year due to his frustration with the Socialist Party.

He established a new party called En Marche! This party would be the start of a new centrist movement in France that witnessed the young party defeat the Socialists and the Republicans in the first round of the French Presidential Elections, defying France's two-party system.

With so much riding on him, it will be interesting to see what happens now.