Considering Brexit minister Robin Walker campaigned for Britain to remain in the European Union last year, it is refreshing, and somewhat ironic, to see him provide an optimistic outlook on the UK's prospects outside the trading bloc as a minister in the Department for Leaving the EU.

Mr. Walker provided many straight answers to the questions posed to him, and did not shy away from the difficulties Britain will face as the Brexit negotiations begin. It is clear the Department for Leaving the EU is preparing transitional arrangements in the likely event that quitting the superbloc will longer than two years.

This is the time frame Article 50, the mechanism triggered by Theresa May in March to leave the EU under the 2007 Lisbon Treaty, allows for.

'Played a significant role in helping to unite the Conservatives'

The Worcester Tory candidate demonstrated how in touch he is with his constituents. He acknowledged that his constituency voted to leave the EU as a whole and has played a significant role in helping to unite the Conservatives in respecting the will of the British people.

Mr. Walker was calm and composed throughout, crucial traits if one wants to advance in Politics. He has worked incredibly hard as a constituency MP. He has vigorously campaigned for fairer funding for Worcestershire schools, championed a reduction in business rates to aid Worcester's High Street and spoken up for improved transport links to the city.

He deserves to get re-elected this week and to progress beyond the portfolio of Brexit minister.

The Worcester PPC also took many of the questions asked of him in good humour, too. Interviews with journalists can be tough, and to come out laughing at some of the questions posed is commendable. Re-electing politicians like Robin is crucial to preventing Labour from destroying this country's prospects post-Brexit and I would urge anyone living in Worcester who has read this to vote for him.

You can listen to a short transcript of the interview above.