There is nothing wrong with a TV channel having a certain political leaning. This is democracy after all. Even if one detests news stations ranging from Channel 4 to Fox News, they are there to provide viewers with a range of opinions and bias on numerous issues. Yet it is clear the BBC does not provide free and impartial coverage of the latest events. This weekend, they provided Jeremy Corbyn with positive coverage of his recent trip to Glastonbury. Yet where was their reporting of Theresa May visiting Armed Forces' Day? Surely the latter deserves a greater spotlight than the former?

'Mr. Corbyn snubbed this invitation to commemorate the armed forces.'

Lest we forget that Mr. Corbyn snubbed this invitation to commemorate the work our armed forces do. His feeble excuse was to honour a longstanding commitment to speak to a live audience at Glastonbury. Is he honestly informing people that an opportunity to speak to left-wing hipsters is a more valuable way to spend your time as a politician than meeting the brave men and women who sacrifice themselves, so that we have the freedom to attend these festivals? It is an insult to our soldiers.

Again, it comes to Mr. Farage to preach some common sense. With the Brexit agenda being hijacked by the Conservatives, many Kippers campaigned in the recent election to privatise the BBC.

As mentioned earlier, there is nothing wrong with a TV station having a certain political leaning. The problem is we all have to pay for it, regardless of whether we agree with it. It is a waste of taxpayers' money.

Let's hope the DUP's calls to privatise it weren't fake news, because a true Conservative would have removed this institution from public hands sooner rather than later.