In March 2015 Raffaele Sollecito, the victim of a travesty of justice which occurred in Perugia, Italy back in November 2007 was finally exonerated of all charges. The Guardian reported that back then he was accused of the murder of British student Meredith KercherItaly’s. Now Italy's highest court proclaimed that his exoneration stemmed from the simple fact that absolutely no evidence existed to warrant his incarceration in the first place.

Just because the courts have admitted their mistake doesn’t change the harm that has already been done.

Up until March 2015, Raffaele lived a life in limbo.

The uncertainty of whether or not he was really a free man, made dusting himself off and picking up the pieces of years unjustly stolen from him was really an uphill battle. He was constantly associated with a murder he was proven to have unequivocally had nothing to do with. Raffaele’s life was akin to being frozen in time.

Refusing to pay up is nothing short of deplorable.

Clearly, the Italian courts have never been told that just because you’re sorry doesn’t make things right. For all accidents and mistakes compensation to the victim should be rendered without question. Italian judicial officials giving themselves a pat on the back for exonerating Raffaele doesn’t automatically get them off the hook.

Raffaele’s years of injustice and suffering were once again cast to the side when in February of this year his claim of €500,000 was denied.

Following this, the Italian Judicial System had the nerve to issue an unbelievable claim that Raffaele had somehow entrapped himself within the unfortunate situation that took years of his life away.

Clearly a scapegoat to cover up their mistakes and nothing more

So now the Italian judicial system has the nerve to insinuate that it’s Raffaele’s fault he was imprisoned with absolutely no evidence?

Who in their right mind would ask to go to jail? Clearly, this is yet another form of injustice that Raffaele is forced to undergo.

Are we being punked?

Raffaele’s life which was full of promise and opportunity was taken from him. He had the world at his fingertips. To even insinuate that Raffaele asked to be put in the situation is ludicrous.

He has been denied compensation for far too long. It’s about time the Italian judicial system made an effort to make things right. Apparently, they seem to have forgotten the years which were robbed from Raffaele that he is never going to get back.