Jeremy Corbyn speaking about the people who have lost their homes in the Grenfell Tower block fire has said the government has the means if it so wished to help these people. Corbyn said the government should occupy, compulsory purchase and requisition empty buildings for the Homeless of Grenfell.

Many of the homeless have been sleeping in church halls and other places since the disaster happened relying on charity given to them by the local community and further afield.

Corbyn also highlighted the plight of the wider problems of homelessness up and down the country and said it was plain wrong that such a problem should exist in today's wealthy UK.

He also attacked Kensington and Chelsea Council pointing out they are the wealthiest local authority in the country but they "lack the resources".

Corbyn defends Theresa May

Theresa May has been attacked for what appeared to be a lack of empathy for the people of Grenfell. This lack of empathy seemed to be her weak point over the issues people were worried about during the general election. However, Theresa May has seen residents of Grenfell at 10 Downing Street and by all accounts, it was a frank two-hour discussion.

May admits herself the response by her government was inadequate and pledged 5 million pounds as a disaster relief fund to help those impacted by the disaster. Jeremy Corbyn has ridden to Theresa May's aid saying, different people express empathy in different ways and followed it by saying it doesn't matter about him or Theresa May what matters is the "victims of Grenfell".

At the end of the day, Corbyn is right it matters not about political personalities it matters what they do about the disaster that is Grenfell Tower and those impacted by it.

Theresa May pledges to house Grenfell victims within three weeks

Theresa May has said she will have housed all of the homeless Grenfell victims within three weeks and expects to be kept informed during this process.

Words are all very well and good, but Theresa May should be careful of making commitments she can't keep if the past is anything to go by.

It has to be asked is Theresa May saying and doing things to help the homeless Grenfell victims because she has been forced to do it through criticism, or because this is a priority for her.

Only May herself knows what has motivated her to swing into action as it were to help these people so therefore it may be unfair to judge.

The 5 million she has given over to a relief fund for the victims let us hope it goes to where is it supposed to go and not wasted.