Coverage of the Middletons

Perhaps I am being mean and selfish here, and I am sorry to any royalists reading this, but the coverage of Pipa Middleton's wedding yesterday to James Matthews made me think, so what! How will the marriage of Kate Middleton's sister Pipa make any difference to my life, or the lives of people in this country at the lower end of society?

I can understand how royalists would enjoy this spectacle recalling the wedding of William and Kate as it did, but for me, who is not particularly a royalist, I find this slavish blanket coverage irritating at best.

Do the BBC, Sky or other news outlets ever wonder about the people who do not wish to watch this waste of airtime?

I guess, at the end of the day, they would say they are being balanced in catering for royalist viewers.

The extravagance of it all

While watching the coverage yesterday by the BBC's Nicholas Witchell the wedding and it's A - lister guest list seemed like something from another era. The whole wedding must have cost an astronomically massive amount and the talk of Pipa Middleton's dress, its design and cost, made me want to switch off.

When I see the BBC giving slavish coverage to the royals, or anything related to the royals, it's like something from the time when the UK had an empire.

Like something from Pathe' news when even if the Queen or any other royal sneezed it was covered.

The BBC likes to think of itself as a radical outfit these days, and seems to be very left leaning in its programming sometimes, but when it comes to the royals and coverage we have not moved on. What would happen if for once a royal wedding or a royal event was not covered, and instead they catered for people, not necessarily anti-royalist, but not exactly happy to see them represented all the time?

Of course, you can imagine many royalists and traditionalists, plus publications that support the royals, would be appalled. But again, so what if royalists wish to see the royal family represented as main news, there are those who don't, and surely this is where being balanced and radical comes in.

In the age of austerity, pomp should be played down

I realise that the royals, especially the younger ones, do much work for charity and drum up business abroad for the UK. However, when many people are struggling to put food on the table, or putting up with cuts to services, is it right the royals and those in power show their wealth?

When you consider how much Pipa Middleton's wedding dress cost alone, and at the same time the government says the rest of us have to live according to our means, I find the whole thing highly immoral. It seems as it has been from Norman times there is one rule for us and one rule for the so-called elite - and frankly, it stinks.

In Corbyn's manifesto, it says "For the many, not the few," when will that statement ever be realised?