Nick Clegg had the audacity to label Theresa May as being 'petty' to cut the number of child asylum seekers during her time as home secretary, yet I am afraid that is the word that best describes the former Liberal Democrat leader. His personal attacks on the Prime Minister are what cause people to lose faith in their politicians.

We all know Mr. Clegg loves to play the popularity card. When he became Liberal Democrat leader in 2007, he said David Cameron and Gordon Brown both engaged in 'punch and judy' Politics in reference to their weekly exchanges during Prime Minister's Questions.

In comparison to his promises to scrap tuition fees and oppose 'Tory cuts', his words have suddenly become redundant. Like in 2010, the former deputy prime minister deserves to be branded with the word 'hypocrite.'

One could easily draw up a list of the amount of personal attacks he has made against Mrs May. In fact, I urge you to read my report on the Liberal Democrat's stinging insults to save myself the disdain of repeating them. But I think the most shocking accusation is the one where he said the EU is nothing like North Korea in interfering in elections. How many times have EU politicians made statements against the Conservatives over the last month?

Has Mr. Clegg had a short-term memory loss?

What about the times Denmark, Ireland, France and Holland were asked to repeat their referendums on changes to the EU's political structure until the superbloc achieved the outcomes they desired? Sometimes it just feels like the former Liberal Democrat leader has learnt nothing during his time in politics.