I hated that phrase when it was used during the 2010 General Election: 'I agree with Nick (Clegg).' The only people I found that took Gordon Brown's repeated phrase during the first leaders' debate that year literally were young, idealistic people who thought they were going to change the world by voting for the Liberal Democrats. Yet in a strange twist of fate, and I hate to use the phrase, I also agree with Nick Clegg for once.

His analysis of this year's general election has been accurate. The Liberal Democrats may well increase the number of seats they have from a dismal eight to thirty, but at least Mr.

Clegg is honest when admitting no opposition party can possibly defeat the Conservatives. If Mrs May can't win this time, when will she ever succeed? At least the former deputy prime minister does not have the same barmy delusions of grandeur that his boss, Tim Farron, has in hoping to replace Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party as the official opposition.

It is a huge shame that Mr. Clegg did not demonstrate this kind of honesty prior to the 2010 General Election. His party prepared for a coalition from November 2009 to May 2010. They should have anticipated both the parties they would go into partnership with would cut public spending and increase tuition fees. Yet all he cared about was winning support from people disillusioned with the political process, particularly the youngest voters at the time. Now the Liberal Democrats are campaigning on an anti-Brexit ticket, hoping to reverse last year's result if they can. When will they ever learn?