According to BuzzFeed News, the Liberal Democrats have disclosed to them their plans to announce a promise to legalise cannabis in the UK. As Tim Farron leads his party into their campaign towards the upcoming 8 June general election, he’s going to pledge to totally remove the UK laws against the use and sale of marijuana.

This is the first time legalising weed has been a campaign strategy

This marks the first time a major UK political party has used the promise of legalising Weed to get leverage in a General Election campaign. Farron’s plan is to put the current weed market in a complete turnaround, making it a legitimate business.

If the Lib Dems succeed with this, selling weed will be completely legal, the quality will be regulated (reducing harmful chemicals being used to pad them out), and only over-18s will be allowed to buy it. You’ll have to go to a licensed weed shop to buy it, like in a handful of US states.

Speaking for Farron, Lib Dem Julian Huppert confirmed the plan with a tweet containing a link to the party’s “full expert report” on their “cannabis policy.” Huppert says the weed market is currently “controlled by criminals” and his party’s plan is to “end” this and “reduce harm.” According to the Buzzfeed article, the Lib Dems’ manifesto contains “a commitment to having a fully-regulated UK cannabis market, including production which could raise up to £1bn in extra taxes.”