Whilst there have been constant criticisms from the public and various other sources since Madeleine Mccann’s disappearance, the parents Kate and Gerry have stuck to their guns and pursued to find their daughter. They have never given up hope that she still is alive and despite the criticism’s that this is one child and little media coverage over other Missing Children cases. Can you blame them for continuing that pursuit?

They have been blamed, directly accused of playing a part and a book by a former Portuguese detective even suggested they staged the abduction.

Helping to raise awareness

The case of Madeleine McCann has been long, arduous and mostly disappointing. However, the McCann’s are more hopeful than they were in 2007. The case itself has led to other crimes involving British tourists being uncovered and there is hope that a case such as this will lead to wider acknowledgement of the seriousness of missing children within the UK.

The charity Missing People estimate that 140,000 children a year, go missing, with the London Evening Standard reporting a year ago that 70 London children go missing every day. The publicity of the case can only help Raise Awareness of the issue and help stop it happening in the future. Plus, this will help parents exercise more caution when abroad with children.