Kendrick Lamar's fourth studio album 'DAMN' has over art which has both brought about conspiracy theories as well as memes. The conspiracy theories were about the last letters in the track list. They are on a white backdrop and some fans saw it as a puzzle they needed to solve so as fully experience the album. Others thought the picture of him on the album looked miserable and people went away to create a lot of memes for it. I, however, have my own theory I want to add to the mix. The way that Kendrick has his head tilted down, could be taken as a symbol of humility.

He recognises things are going well for him, and remembers that it always wasn't that way, and also gives us his opinion on how he sees things through his lyrics.

The music

Even before the album came out there was the release of the song and video - 'Humble.' I'd like to note that when the video of 'Humble' starts, Kendrick also has his head bowed and he's wearing clothes that priests wear. This video is really something to watch. Check it out and tell me what you think. It got 127 million views with over 1.5 million having given it a thumbs up on Youtube. He also has another video released from songs on his album. The video is from a song called 'DNA.' It also has an interesting video with 36 million views in 12 days, and over 800 thousand thumbs up.

Now the rest of the songs in the albums are also really something worth at least a listen. I find the beats to be something else and the way the rap is put in, especially with the message passed through the story in the songs, makes the rapper really relatable. It really is good music, with a great feel, nice collaborations and overall is a great piece of art.

A lot of K-Dots fans must have been waiting for the project to drop, actually maybe even more than his competitors fans because according to the sales so far, he's beaten Canadian rapper Drake who sold 505 thousand his first week. With Kendrick having sold 606 thousand he also beat J-cole with his '4 Your Eyes Only' album last December and Drake's record of the most top ten tracks at the same time.

Drake had 8 tracks from his album 'More Life' and Kendrick now has 9 tracks from 'DAMN' in the top ten at the same time, with number 10 going to 'Future with mask off,' on the On-Demand Streaming Songs charts.

The future

The future looks to be entertaining if the past experiences with his music along with other certain rappers music continues because I like the trend The Music is taking. It's still relevant, intriguing, easy on the ears, hopeful, dark-- a myriad of emotions in different stories, put down in rhythm, with a background of well-orchestrated beats coming together to create wonderful pieces of art. Coming from the right medium it really is an experience listening to them.

There are a lot of talented musicians out there, also other talents too, and another angle that might be worth looking into is that most of the iconic rappers actually love the music they do.

It helps them by providing an avenue which they need in their lives; they use it as a release. Now that's just how it feels when a person decides to chase his dreams. Yes, it will have it's ups and downs, some curves and 'closed for construction signs along the way,' but when you finally reach there, it's all worth it, and hopefully will be even better than imagined. So I thank them for their contributions and take this chance to encourage everyone to journey on towards our Dreams.