The other day whilst driving to work, I came across a roundabout outside Stratford, the new home of pro-Remain group Stratford4Europe, and I noticed it was decorated with EU flags. Yet this time, last year, I never once saw supporters of Stronger In, the main campaign group that fought to keep us in the EU, exercise that much passion before the referendum in June last year. But since Brexit became a reality, all of a sudden, these Europhiles have emerged out of the wood-works to overturn a democratic result. Yet if the likes of Gina Miller and Sir Richard Branson exercised this much energy before the referendum, Remain might have actually won.

It is questionable as to how much time and energy these activists going on street protests and establishing new groups like Best for Britain, Open Britain and Stratford4Europe invested into knocking on people's doors last year to persuade them to vote to remain a part of the EU. That is where elections are won. I am pretty sure I can no longer count how many pro-Remain groups there are now on my one hand. The beautiful feat about democracy is that everyone is entitled to an opinion and it is refreshing to see people exercise passion in their beliefs. But these Europhiles are showing that vigour and excitement at the wrong time.

Brexit is happening. If Theresa May wins a stonking majority, she will be the first prime minister elected with a mandate to leave the EU.

There is nothing arch Remainers can do about that. So when the likes of Tony Blair, Gina Miller and Professor AC Grayling emerge out of nowhere to tell us to fight Brexit, they conveniently forget more people voted for this than any government in our democratic history.

Yet I am sure it was their complacency that the British people would never vote for anything 'so stupid' that caused Sir Richard, Mrs Miller and Professor Grayling to keep quiet in the first place. How could these 'ignorant people' dare to challenge their cushy little lives, eh? How very dare you!