It is no secret that Britain has an unwritten constitution and that Brexit is a process this country has never embarked upon, so it is understandable why some would want constitutional clarity over such a significant decision. Yet Gina Miller seems to be searching for numerous excuses to use the democratic process to delay Brexit. One has to wonder how she finds the time to study our constitution whilst running a business.

But Brexiteers should not be fooled by this Remainer pretending to support our EU exit. Every time bitter Remainers say they accept last year's result, it is like an alcoholic saying they are not addicted to alcohol when they clearly cannot drink enough of the substance.

Mrs Miller is not fooling anyone when she writes articles in pro-Brexit outlets like the Daily Mail, saying she wants the best EU exit possible in a bid to justify her High Court challenge last November.

She was no doubt smug when the Supreme Court reaffirmed that decision in January this year. Yet even when Parliament votes with an overwhelming majority to allow the Prime Minister to trigger Article 50 by her March deadline, how does the infamous businesswoman respond? By crying and writing another lengthy article in the New Statesman about how Mrs May is using 'Henry VIII clauses' to cement existing EU legislation into British law, which she argues is justification for another High Court challenge.

But a snap election has allowed her to create a new pressure group that will challenge Brexit in the ballot box instead. And a pollster recently said on Sky News Mrs Miller's efforts will fail because the Conservatives are more likely to pick up UKIP voters in marginal seats in order to prevent a Lib Dem re-emergence.

So who do EU think you are kidding, Mrs Miller? Perhaps you should focus on making Brexit a success by ensuring your business continues to flourish, that's if your next move isn't to move your job abroad.