Who else saw trump's State of Union Address this week? It was brilliant. He sounded like a statesman. It is clear what his mission is. It was the most eloquent speech he has produced thus far. But who else noticed few Democrats applauding everything he spouted?

Democrat hurdles

Sessions was wrong to lie about his Russian links, there is no doubt about that. But after seemingly grasping his new office's requirements after a shaky start, the last obstacle Trump needs is Bitter Democrats throwing hurdles at the billionaire who is trying to govern America.

Regardless of the circumstances Sessions met the Russian ambassador in, the Democrats are using this as easy ammunition to tear down a president they despise and force an impeachment upon him.

Positive policy measures

But Trump must proceed with the job his electorate tasked him with. His State of Union Address consisted of numerous positive policy measures that can stimulate America's stagnating economy. He has the potential to become the greatest president America has elected since Reagan. But he cannot afford any more scandals. This is his chance to make America great again. The Democrats need to be more constructive in their relations with the former reality star.