While the global political establishment is not comfortable yet having Donald Trump in the White House, the US domestic scene is living some of its topsy-turvy days. Lately, the United States' political scene has been nothing more than a rough sea for a fragile ship that is Donald Trump's administration. There were some alarming points of the debate, especially the scandal of Michael Flynn, the former top chief security adviser. But overall, it seems that there is a general desire for Donald Trump to fail as the Commander in Chief.

President Trump and his unique aura

For decades now, the political stage, both in the United States and globally, has been driven by certain values of which the idea of political correctness has gained the most support and level of completion. In the meantime, despite all of the efforts to make a better global society, some ideas have been lost or altered. That is no way to have a wave of populism unless something has gone wrong.

president Trump is nothing more than the raw reaction of a frustrated and widely unfilled society. The issues Donald Trump tackled during the presidential campaign or after he took the White House office are known: immigration, United States' role as the main geopolitical player, tensed relations with Russia, Iran or other countries from the Middle East.

During his campaign, Trump promised to make an impact regarding all of these issues and now that he intends to make such massive change, it is causing uncertainty and hesitation. His approach might be unorthodox, so the general perception may be justified. For the time being we are in a moment of history where a generally accepted idea of progress is being replaced by another.

For some, the very idea that their way of living is going to change is terrifying, while for others it is what they've been waiting for. To index Trump's presidency so far, it's safe to say that is grey.

Trump has a new enemy to fight against

Recently, President Donald Trump stated that his administration is going to fight against human trafficking which is an unfortunate result of the immigrational phenomenon.

While many immigrants are getting jobs after they arrived in the United States, a large portion of them ends up in street gangs, criminal organisations, or simply become victims of the human traffic calamity. This is a vulnerable part of immigration that no one talked vigorously about in the past. The casualties of this scourge are the vulnerable categories such as women and children. No matter how poor the Trump administration has been so far, this new side is worth looking into it.