Who else is becoming increasingly bored with all the accusations and suggestions that trump is a secret Russian agent elected to destroy America? Perhaps I over-exaggerate there, but beyond the negative headlines lies an opportunity for the US President to help tame Putin.

Conflict with Russia is not an option

With two of his officials now under fire for their links to Putin, it is apparent Trump is aware of the threat Russia poses to America, as well as the opportunity. Trump needs Russia to quash ISIS in the Middle East. His predecessor's clumsy approach to Putin antagonised the Russian leader, especially during Obama's final days as president.

If one reads history, it is obvious conflict with the Russians is not an option.

This is why Trump needs to provide Putin with a Carrot And Stick. The US President made it apparent in his State of Union Address that he will be investing more money into the army. It seems he is aware of the military threat Russia poses to America and that he will not cuddle up to the Russian bear like so many journalists suggest.

Carrot and stick approach

But if Trump can lift his country's sanctions against Russia in exchange for positive behaviour, this may only be the start of a relationship between the two countries not witnessed since the 1980s. Trump's Russian policy is sensible and pragmatic. So he needs to ensure the Democrats do not pose a further distraction to his new direction.