To be fair to Sir Keir Starmer MP, he has done incredibly well since becoming the Labour MP for Holborn and St. Pancras in 2015. In just over a year since his election, he was appointed shadow Brexit Secretary. It is ironic Brexit helped propel his political career when he campaigned so hard against it last year.

Clarity over Brexit

A former barrister by background, his interview on The Andrew Marr Show presented him as someone who is able to articulate his argument well and he spoke with a sense of ease and certainty on Labour's Brexit position this morning.

Of course, Marr was not easy on him, but his replies were adequate in response to his tough grilling.

Starmer epitomises the New Labour spirit that would need to prevail in the party's ranks if they ever hope to win again.

Sense of leadership

As Corbyn continues to contradict himself over leaving the EU along with his hapless counterparts like Abbott, the shadow Brexit Secretary seems to be the only one providing any sense of real leadership over this issue.

His greatest hurdle would be the overwhelmingly left-wing membership of the party who re-elected Corbyn last year.

However, that does not equate to ruling out Starmer completely; he is a dark horse to watch out for.