Prime Minister Theresa May is travelling to Edinburgh today to attempt to reach a final compromise with the Scottish First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon on Brexit.

'A waste of time'

But is this meeting just a waste of time? The simple answer is yes. The SNP's position has been dogmatic as it is narrow-minded. Brexit is still happening. The Government's position is that we are leaving the EU in its entirety. This could mean leaving the EU endures longer than two years due to the superbloc's complexities, but what the Scottish people want far less than Brexit is another second referendum.

The Scottish Daily Mail's poll says 46% of Scots opposed a second vote. Of course, opinion polls should be taken with a pinch of salt these days. But if Sturgeon wants to secure support for her demand, she needs to study the laws of reverse psychology; she is only further alienating people.

'Any excuse for another vote'

The truth is, the SNP are searching for a legitimate excuse to pull Scotland out of the UK against its will, which is ironic given they accuse the Tories of taking Scotland out of the EU against its will.

If they did lose another vote, would they push for a third vote? Who knows?