When it comes to people, one thing causing them to be scared or insecure is by far the fear of change. For a large group of people, a nation or something similar, the possibility of a change of a high magnitude can cause multiple reactions and exaggerations. For most of the Americans and the world itself, Donald Trump winning the elections a couple of months ago was a hammer-like hit upside their heads.

Now, many of them are constantly running scenarios of how badly Donald Trump will affect the world stage in terms of Politics and foreign affairs.

All that panic could not survive that long if the major media outlets would not allow it. Donald Trump is being crucified before he even gets to be the 45th President of the United States of America.

The inauguration is merely a ceremony, not the 'Apocalypse' dawn

Tomorrow, Donald Trump will be officially sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. It`s nothing more than a formal ceremony that the President-elect must go through. But, as all know it, he won`t lead the country by himself. Some people are living under a wrong impression because last time we checked the Unites States was a fully functional democracy with a pile of mechanisms of control in order to avoid the abuse of power or something similar.

Some may argue that Donald Trump has quite a leverage as the Republicans also gained the majority of The Congress, namely the US Senate and The House of Representatives. And these facts gives another insight of how significant is the ground gained by Republicans over the Democratic Party. Nevertheless, acting as President, Trump can`t do whatever he might want.

It`s not how things work when it comes to a democracy.

Trump was elected in a legitimate way using an electoral system widely agreed upon

It was quite a debate following the news that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a 2 million margin. Still, she failed to transpose this leverage when it came to the Electoral Colleges.

Despite being an old voting system and perhaps in need for a change, the fact is that Trump won the elections within the law.

It`s funny how Democrats are choosing to boycott the Inauguration. By not going there, they are simply disrespecting the institutions they are themselves representing.