President-elect Donald trump, who will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States is in the news again, this time after having a meeting with prominent "Vote Leave" Campaigner Michael Gove. This is the Second interview with a UK politician, the first being that of Nigel Farage's before even meeting the UK Prime Minister Theresa May at a yet to be disclosed date. Admittedly, protocol on this is a little sketchy as the UK is in the middle of Brexit and the UK is having to rewrite the book on international relations, as it is going it alone after having been in the EEC since 1969.

President-elect Trump doing it his own way

This, however, is not the only transgression, if we can call it that. President Elect Trump has also made it clear that he will work on relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, has acknowledged the existence of Taiwan, and publicly backed Israel after the Obama administration and the UN called for the end of occupation by Israel in occupied Palestine. Speculation is running rife in France of confirmed sightings of the Blue Marine Party (formally known as the Front Nationale, or FN) President, Marine Le Pen seen in Trump tower. Ms Le Pen has run into difficulty finding financial backing for her campaign for the French presidency to be held in early 2017, but after questioning, Marine Le Pen denied actually meeting President-elect Trump.

Choppy political climate during Trump tenure

All signs are pointing to a very choppy political climate during President-elect Trump’s tenure as potus, but, if his accomplishments thus far in the transitional stage are anything to go by, he does seem to be enjoying some success, after major care manufacture’s Ford and Fiat-Chrysler announced that they would be investing into the US as opposed to their earlier announced plans to relocate fabrication facilities out of the US, coupled with a surprising surge on Wall Street.

However, President-elect Trump is facing press hostility after his snubbing of CNN reporter Jim Acosta in his first press conference after the vote rigging allegations reported by the international broadcaster. Trump can almost count on not enjoying the same relationship President Obama enjoys with the political journalistic corps.

In a world today that is seeing political upheaval taking place, president-elect Trump is going to have to play his cards wisely, but maybe his brackish and not so politically correct approach is what the world needs today: someone who will call a spade a spade, and point out the faults when they arise. In either case, President-elect Trump is here to stay, the people of the US have spoken and it’s going to be a very interesting 2017 that’s for sure.