Greg Lake, the Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP)'s legendary voice, dies: a huge loss for the Progressive Rock of the 70s. Progressive rock started in

Progressive rock started in UK from music magazines involving in a new British pop renaissance. 2016 was a horrible year for the global rock music scene and beyond. David Bowie unfortunately passing in January and Keith Emerson in March sadly led the path for many others famous rock artists in the world: Prince, Leonard Cohen, Glen Frey (Eagles), Paul Kantner (Jefferson Airplane), Maurice White (Earth, Wind & Fire)

Classic & Modern Music

Greg Lake played with King Crimson's Robert Fripp, with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer (ELP).

These artists had a hand in creating the Progressive Rock genre, one of the most beautiful seasons of music and an original step up from Rock, a musical "Art Pop" comparable to the modern classic music. King Crimson, ELP, Genesis and Peter Gabriel, Van Der Graf Generator and Peter Hammil, Gentle Giant (Shulman brothers) and Pink Floyd are loved by several generations of fans. This genre has left a lasting impact on many.

The music critics still remember many albums: "In the Court of the Crimson King" (King Crimson, with Robert Fripp and Greg Lake), "Trilogy", "Picture and Exibitions" , remix of Mussorgsky in pop version (ELP), "Selling England by the pound" and “The Lamb Lies of the Broodway " (Genesis), "Pawn Hearts" (Van Der Graaf Generator), “In a Glass House (Gentle Giant), "Ummagumma (Pink Floyd).

Greg Lake was, probably, the most haunting, lyrical, melodic and poetic singer in our time.

Progressive Rock & Art Pop

Lake's voice in "From the Beginning", "Lucky Man" (written 12 years ago!), "Trilogy" and "In The Court of the Crimson King” (with King Crimson) is still the soundtrack of the British and international modern music.

That musical generation also inspired the art of Bowie's rock and Roxy Music, Brian Eno and Bryan Ferry, the future of electronic sound the same Eno, Bowie and Fripp. Today even Lady Gaga talks about “Art Pop”. In Italy, local "Progressive Rock" bands are, for exemple, the PFM (PFM), Le Orme, with their albums: "Photos of Ghots", "Felona e Sorona" (promoted by Greg Lake and Peter Hammill) and "Banco del Mutuo Soccorso" (Darwin).