In less than two days, Donald Trump is going to be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, and if current opinion polls are anything to judge by, he is going to be one of the most unpopular presidents to have taken office in modern times both Internationally and at home.

Donald Trump at home - the feminists

Donald Trump’s election win for the office of POTUS sparked outrage from feminist groups, citing his lack of respect for women after the “pussygate” story broke where the president-elect was allegedly recorded as saying degrading phrases about the female gender and the use thereof.

To add fuel to the already smouldering cauldron of feminine hate, he was again in the news earlier this week after a story by CNN put him in the middle of an alleged prostitute scandal in Russia. Both Mr. Trump and the Russian president Vladimir Putin have called this outrageous. Nonetheless, feminist groups are planning a rally to block or disrupt Mr. Trump's inauguration this Friday. This demonstration is tipped to be one of the biggest ever demonstrations in America’s History.

On the flipside, tens of thousands of bikers across the country are converging on Washington DC to help with the security of proceedings for Mr. Trump’s inauguration. One has the feeling that there is a divide in American society and that the election of Mr.

Trump has exposed it for the world to see, and that it is a much greater divide than first perceived. This is a landmine-laden political field for president-elect Trump, one that he will have to navigate with skill and tact if he is to avoid a complete rupture of an already weak social structure.

International complications - China

Rex Tillerson, president-elect Trump’s nominee for secretary of state has managed to upset the Chinese by calling for an end to China’s Island building projects in the South China sea, a project that has seen nearly 3200 acres of land and seven islands see the light of day. Mr. Tillerson then went on to liken the militarisation of these islands to Russia’s hot takeover of the Crimea.

This prompted an almost immediate backlash from Beijing.

To be fair, China has been proactively conducting more and more operations in the South China Sea with a view of taking over a controlling interest in that body of water. Mr. Tillersons’ comments have however, embarked on a new direction for the White house and its Far East relations, all of which Mr. Trump is going to have to defend during his time in office.

France is annoyed too

And if that wasn’t enough, Mr.Trump has also annoyed the EU, and in particular, France, who were very quick to respond in the form of Emmanuel Valls, a French presidential race hopeful, and former French Prime Minister, followed very shortly by the French President, Francois Hollande himself, after Mr. Trump’s comments on the EU handling of immigration and the role of NATO.