One former White House Staff member told a CNN reporter today that as he was passing the keys to his office to his incoming administration replacement he said, "welcome to hell." Starting today in a series of daily briefings Mr trump will be learning the deep secrets of U.S. intelligence gathering procedures and findings, something which other candidates have described as terrifying - hell on earth.

The keys to Armageddon

Among other things, President Elect Trump will learn just how to initiate a nuclear strike (almost entirely at his own discretion) which could result in millions of deaths within an hour, as well as an unlimited ability as commander-in-chief to launch an armed attack against anyone anywhere.

Congress has to declare "war" but Korea was and is called a "police action."

He will, over the next few days learn the procedures for using "the football" which contains the nuclear codes. In the President’s Daily Book he will see what covert actions are currently taking place and learn of any secret presidential directives which are already in force but unknown outside the intelligence community.

According to a report in The Washington Post In 2008, after then-President-elect Obama was given one sensitive intelligence briefing at a secure facility in Chicago, he joked, “It’s good that there are bars on the windows here because if there weren’t, I might be jumping out.”

I could be wrong

In a 60 Minute (CBS) Interview with Leslie Stahl, Mr.

Trump back peddled furiously, softening his stands on some of his most popular campaign promises. His “Great Wall” shrank to a combination of wall and fence on the southern U.S. border, most of which is already in place. “Immediate deportation of 12 million illegal aliens,” is now “2 to 3 million undocumented aliens.” His "prosecuting lying Hillary" is now “They did some bad things… I’m going to think about it …” and “I don’t want to hurt them,” he said.

“They’re, they’re good people.”

And after a visit with President Obama, “dismantling Obama Care on day one,” is now “we’ll keep some of the provisions of Obama Care including coverage for existing conditions and keeping 20 year-olds on their parent's policies. The existing conditions provision is by far the most expensive aspect of The Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) and keeping that one provision will make any other changes to the healthcare plan almost impossibly expensive.

On the question of gay marriage, a big issue with evangelical Christians, Mr. Trump has now stated his position as “this is settled law…I have no problem with it.” He does seem to have a problem with the right to abortion which was settled by the Supreme Court many years before the more recently gay marriage decisions. And will he admit the economy is doing well?

How about Obama, the founder of ISIS?

As for President Obama himself, who Mr Trump claimed was not an American, was unqualified to be president, and was the worst president ever, AND the FOUNDER of ISIS, after meeting him for the first time, Mr Trump told Leslie Stahl, “I found him to be terrific. I found him to be-- very smart and very nice,” Trump said.

“...Again, I never met him before, but we had -- we had a very good chemistry going. And -- and I really found -- it might not be that I agree with him, but I really found the -- the conversation unbelievably interesting.” Certainly softening these most radical positions will meet with approval from May Trump opponents, but how will they be received by the fanatic followers who chanted “lock her up” at Trump rallies. So, what will a Trump Administration really look like? How will his most strident supporters react to him backing off from major and very clear campaign positions just days after his election?