It was a lovely Saturday morning and the whole family was fully prepared and ready for church. My uncle was preaching so it was going to be an amazing time – not because he is an exceptional preacher, but because he is my uncle! It was the first service after Donald Trump just surprised the world with his landslide victory in the race to the white house. My uncle spent most of his life in New York so he’s going to have one or two things to say about the US. “Barrack Obama was loved because he was the first black American president, but let’s not also forget that he legalised same-sex marriages,” he said.

The church was cold, all the love for Barrack Obama suddenly disappeared. The belief at that moment, at least to my understanding, was that a Christian/good leader should never approve such things. Initially, I shared in that belief but after serious thought, I have come to realize that even in the 21st Century, we Christians are still yet to fully understand Christianity and the core of its very existence.

What true Christianity really is

Firstly, Christianity is not a religion that imposes its beliefs, values, and doctrine on people outside the fold. Right from creation the creator himself made freedom a major part of human existence. It has always been ‘do good and follow my ways because it is worth it while you’re alive and even after death,’ not ‘do good and follow my ways or I rebuke you and destroy you by any means possible.’ This explains why Jesus did not have an issue with dining with sinners or the fraudulent tax collectors – as opposed to present day Christians.

The American people made the decision

Secondly, Barrack Obama did not approve same-sex marriage, the American people did. If anything, this is a mark of a true Christian and one that we can all learn from. Christianity believes firmly in the right to free will and if Barrack had taken that away from the people of America he would have misrepresented Christianity.

In conclusion, Christianity is strongly against the LGBT concept or ideology, but also it is very important to note that more than anything else, Christianity prides itself on the right to free will, acceptance and not rejection.