India cricket supporters slam Naseeruddin Shah over Virat Kohli criticism

Naseeruddin Shah, famous in the Indian film industry, hit out at Kohli's behavior in the Aussie test match, Twitter reacts.


Naseeruddin Shah joined in the criticism of Virat Kohli's behaviour during the on-going Cricket match against Australia. Actually, not everyone is critical. Times Now News noted that Dav Whatmore, a former Australian cricketer, feels that the behaviour of Kohli's being blown out of proportion. Mainly, this comes from the Australian media. The match in Perth and the coverage of Kholi having a "banter" with the Australian wicketkeeper Tim Paine, was perfectly fine and did not go over the limit, according to him. But now, some Indian cricket fans are angry that Naseeruddin Shah, a film person, and not an international athlete, joined in to put him down him. Over on Twitter, there was some harsh criticism as fans slammed him back.

One commenter even said they think he's just trying to use Virat's "name and fame" to get media attention. Here are five of the reactions to him on Twitter.


Naseeruddin Shah measured the 'world's worst?'

This tweet said that Shah must have something to measure his comments by. In fact, how does he know Kohli's the worst in the world?


Priti Gandhi's tweet gave it back

Priti Gandhi's not impressed with Naseeruddin. In fact, she had her own story to tell of alleged bad behaviour!


The tweet about intellectuals and Virat Kohli

These days, across the world, more and more intellectuals or show-biz people are taking a platform. According to this tweet, they seem to think they know everything and they deserve the importance of having a say on everything.


This tweeter suggests Shah gets on the cricket field

Taking a hit at Shah, this tweeter suggested maybe he should experience the pressure of international cricket before condemning Virat Kohli.


Stick to acting tweet

This Twitter user responded to the Times of India report about Shah's statement. They told him he knows nothing about Australians and should stick to acting.

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