You want to ban Indian films in pakistan because they banned Pakistani actors. Fair enough.However, at least be prepared to buy cinema tickets and original DVDs of Pakistani films, instead of pirating them.Just as the English film industry relies heavily on making money from Hollywood filmsto be able to invest inits local industry, Pakistani cinema relies on Bollywood. You don't even appreciate that the renewal ofthePakistanicreative film industryonly occurred after Pakistani cinema owners made substantial money from showing Indian films.

Pakistan is also undemocratic like India

You love to talk about how in undemocratic India even the most famous and rich Muslim actors ShahRukh Khan and Aamir Khan were bullied into apologising for speaking out about how they have started to feel unsafe in India because of their faith. But dear Pakistanis, in your own country Christians are lynched publicly because somebody accuses them of saying something immoral against Islam. Don't forget a Christian woman called Asia Bibi has needlessly been suffering on the death roll because some Muslim women accused her of saying something bad against Islam’s prophet Mohammed. Blasphemy cases in Pakistan are always lies perpetrated by corrupt, powerful rich Muslims who want to settle personal disputes.

Even if a non-Muslim criticises Islam, even if a non-Muslim rips up and burns the Quran, does it warrant the death penalty? Forget freedom of speech, Pakistan doesn't even have basic freedom. You get so angry that a non-Muslim may have belittled Islam but ignore situations when a young Muslim boy gets raped in a Mosque. You look the other way when a Muslim man executes his daughter because she chooses to marry her love, which is permitted in the Quran.

You care more about what non-Muslims may have said about Islam than about what Muslims do in the name of Islam.

You cry with laughter about the toilet situation in India overlooking the fact that even in Lahore, the cultural centre of Pakistan, there is a lack of an educated liberal middle class, which India has. You make fun of how undemocratic India is, but your own government has to stop cell phone services during festive seasons to stop Terrorism and unrest.

You can't even be trusted to be civilised during your own celebrations.

Indians condemned the APS school attacks, so why can't Pakistanis condemn the Uri attacks?

You won't condemn the Uri attacks because it killed Indian soldiers. Some Pakistanis are even joyous about the bloodshed. Did you know schools in India held vigils after the horrific APS Peshawar school terrorist attacks which killed 144 Pakistani children? You demean Malala Yousafzai because according to you she is a ‘CIA Zionist agent’ tasked with portraying Pakistan as a failed terrorist state. The fact that hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis have been blown up by Islamic terrorists is overlooked on you.

Pakistanis complain about the clear lack of the oppressed Kashmiri voices in mainstream India media, but don't even know what's happening in Baluchistan.

You talk about how India is funding terrorists in Baluchistan, and then in the same breath say Pakistan needs to do more to seize Kashmir from India. You think Pakistan provides morals to the Kashmiri? You think Pakistan highlights Kashmiri plight to the world? You think Pakistan provides food to the Kashmiris? No, it provides guns and bombs. Pakistan’s favourite son, Kashmiri rebel leader Burhan Wani, a self-confessed terrorist, is applauded in Pakistan for fighting against Indian soldiers. Should Baluch rebels on India’s payroll also be congratulated for targeting Pakistani soldiers?