I'm sitting in my home in Britain. It's Sunday afternoon and it happens to be Easter Sunday. Children would be playing in parks. Laughing, eating, drinking, enjoying themselves. Not me. I'm stressed. My heart is racing so fast, it's hurting me, but on the exterior I'm trying to keep calm for my mother. She's tearing up.

This is not a normal Sunday. 65 people have been killed and 300 injured in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, Lahore. Most would have been Christians celebrating Easter.

What kind of sick minded monster targets children? What kind of brainwashed fool chooses to blow himself up?

Are you angry about politics? Are you hungry for food? Why? I don't care what reason you have. You are a naive individual who was perverted by an extreme violent ideology. One that believes that blood and carnage is OK.

You don't care that innocent people have been killed. You don't care that children have been orphaned. You don't care that some people are no longer mummy and daddies.

You don't care that I along with millions of Pakistanis residing outside the country are frantically trying to get hold of their friends and family. The phone and Internet networks get shut off and we are left with no way to check that everybody we know is still alive.

You were stupid enough to be brainwashed by those extreme terrorists.

They prey on naive individuals like you. They themselves will never do what they asked you to do. They will not blow themselves up. They get peoplelike you to do their dirty work for them.

I fortunately found out that every single one of beloved family and friends are safe and sound. They live another day as you die a hated figure.

For every person that you killed, hundreds will rise and fight against your ideology. For every child you maimed, thousands will be born to fill this world with love and joy. For every person who thinks you did the right thing, thousands more were out on the streets of Lahore helping one another. They were giving blood. They were driving ambulances.

They were guarding hospitals. They are utilising themselves for society in a way you never could. And they do this with the constant threat of danger.

You have failed. Pakistan is not over. Neither is humanity.