The International Olympic committee s taking important measures in implementing a program that will protect athletes from harassment and any kind of abuse during the celebration of the Olympic Games at Rio 2016. This implementation is contemplated following the recommendations of four IOC commissions. This will be the first time in which the implementation to safeguard sport´s participants will be carried out form the opening ceremony on 24 July till the closing of the Olympic games on 24 august.

Implementation of safeguard procedures in the Olympic Games

The IOC is aware that the risks of harassment and abuse of any kind is an existent threat that requires the commitment of all sports organizations to confront it and reduce it. With this endeavor in mind, the IOC will devise a toolkit in the next editions of the Olympics, following the one in Rio that will include the best practices and guided material to aid all sport organizations I the design of safeguarding procedures for the prevention of harassment and abuse.

Disciplinary procedures for bad conduct during the Olympics

This is the first time that the IOC takes safeguard strengthening measures and it did so due to the recommendation of four IOC commissions who thought it was time to take care of bad behavior practices during the celebration of the Olympic Games.

The IOC plans to coordinate the pertinent offices for participants to report any incidents involving the mentioned practices. This implementation will be managed by an IOC officer who will be in the village during the sporting event. All registered incidents will be treated with confidentiality in coordination with local authorities and other disciplinary conducts.

Consensus statement

The agreement statement known as ¨Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sport declares that this sort of aggravations happen around the world and that it´s the responsibility of those involved in sports to prevent these types of conduct. It´s also a shared responsibility to develop and culture of respect, dignity and safety in the sport world.

It makes emphasis in those that are gatekeepers who should recognize and eliminate the occurring of those misconducts.

This measure will surely be a very positive implementation in the Summer Olympics and will ensure a safe environemt for Athletics free of clonflicts.