The Turkish Coup Attackson Friday 15th July, have caused quite a stir for the country, a coup attempt foiled, many of the government officials suspended and a wide uncertainty within the country.

Turkey is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Brits going abroad, with warm weather, great beaches and cheap holidays many Brits flock to the country every year. The past year has seen a slow decline in the number of people visiting Turkey due to the worry of the country, the Syrian's using the country to pass into Europe and media speculation stories about the country.

Although this is true a high number of tourists were still planning to visit the country this summer, with the next few weeks being the busiest of the summer with schools going on their holidays.

The coup attempt has left thousands of these holiday makers with Turkish holidays booked wondering whether they should visit the country, or cancel their summer trips. According to the Bristol Post the Foreign Office has not stated that tourists should not visit the country, just that they should be wary in public places and stay vigilant in resorts. Would you still travel to a country which the state of is currently unknown?

The Foreign Offices statement is not good for people who already have holidays book, according to the Bristol Post cancelled holidays are only allowed full refunds if the Foreign Office deems the country unsafe for travellers.

It is up to individuals whether they travel to Turkey unless the Foreign Office changes the advice, meaning thousands of Brits will be out of pocket if they cancel their holidays.

Unless something worse happens in Turkey it looks like thousands will lose money this summer if they decide to change or cancel their holidays, the bigger questions is what effect will this have on holiday companies, can Turkey recover?

Where is safe to book a holiday too with all the uncertainty in the past few months? Only time will tell but this will have an impact on tourism to the country and in a world where everyone remembers the past, can a country ever recover?