I blame the Pakistani army for the terrorist attack on Easter Sunday attack. The army helped the CIA create the mujahideen and when the Afghanistan war was over, with both the Soviets and American withdrawing, the army spotted a ludicrous opportunity. They turned some of the craziest right wing mujahideen into the Afghan Taliban to keep a control over Afghani land.

A lot of Pakistanis think that the Afghan Taliban is the 'good' Taliban because they don't target Pakistan. The fact that Afghan Taliban has executed women in football stadiums, kidnapped young boys to use as sex slaves, and gasses schools for girls is lost on them.

The army created a terrorist group to target Afghanistan and India. However this idiotic foreign policy backfired. The money and training given to the Taliban terrorists by the ISI has been used against Pakistani police and army officers as well as thousands of civilians. Even now the mainstream narrative in Pakistan is that India is behind all the terrorist attacks. If the parliament was blown up then yes,onecould believe that India was behind the attacks. If army generals were targeted then yes,onecould believe that RAW instigated the attacks. If Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal was bombed then yes, onecould believe that India tried to start a nuclear warin Pakistan.

But why would the billion plus strong India, with one of the most advanced army and intelligence services in the world, target the APS school children?

Why would they blow up Christian children playing in Gulshan-e-Iqbal park? Why could they possibly gain? No, Indians are not trying to scare the Pakistani public. If the Indians wanted to target Pakistan they would have nuked it as soon as itacquired a nuclear bomb in 1974. Remember, Pakistan did not obtain a nuclear weapon until 1998.

India had 24 years to nuke Pakistan but it didn't!Of course it is truethat India does create hostility in Pakistan, but Pakistan also does the same in India!Yes, India is responsible for the death of army personal but targeting Pakistani children is not on their agenda!

When will the Pakistani army stop supporting terrorist networks in Afghanistan?

When their own children are targeted? When will the army stop keeping certain people safe and sound in Lahore, instead of handing them over to the Indians who have been trying to punish those responsible for the Mumbai attacks? When the U.S. pays the army the $10 million bounty on that individual’s head?

Pakistanis continue to blame India, even though the Taliban claims responsibility. To the Pakistanis, who light up their pitch forks against India, I say to you that the blood of the sons and daughters of the land is on your hands. You refuse to take responsibility. You refuse to acknowledge that Pakistan has a problem, and yes that problem is the extreme version of Islam being taught in your local mosques.

You shut your eyes and yell 'la, la, la' when a rational thinking individual tries to tell you that the problem needs to be eradicated from your local communities first. You cannot keep snakes in your backyard and expect them only to bite your neighbour. The Pakistani terrorists are biting the hand that has been feeding them. After tragic events people need an enemy to blame, the sole reason why Guantanamo bay was created by the U.S.A. But most of us cannot conceive that the enemy is amongst us.